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I’m sitting in France, DISCONNECTING from my regular world to chill and rejuvenate. A close friend here was talking about his mom, and her added stress. She’s in her 70’s which today is not too old, but she has had a hell of a time with some medical problems in last 10 years. She andRead more

Just be you, the YOU you really are…

wow… we are dealing with Ego’s, Ids, and Super-Ego’s a lot lately… Mr. Rogers said it well many years ago, and then in his last public appearance – a University Graduation. “It’s YOU I like. It’s not the things you wear. It’s not the way you do your hair. But it’s YOU I like, theRead more


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GEN ME   COMPLACENCY sucketh thus the GEN ME has to become the GEN WTF! if they are to survive and be productive….  AND maybe make America chill again!  just sayin!  dr. g.     GEN   Share This:Read more

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