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When you lose

When you lose, don’t lose the lesson. Think, reflect, sort, and learn, then move forward. It is what you learn AFTER you know everything that counts. COMPLACENCY is that town in Arizona, near SEIZURE VILLAGE by Mesa, often referred to as God’s Waiting Room. Don’t give in and give up. God, he or she, hasRead more


PTSD AS IN: POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DONALD The election of Donald Trump has left many in semi-shock… and confusion. I am presenting this as a shrink, more than a constituent since I am a registered INDEPENDENT voter and have voted for both parties in my life. I have to post this (and vent) for myRead more

AUTISM Life Skills

“Life Skills” We often take a lot for granted. As Dr. G. reminds us, we need to appreciate what we HAVE before we appreciate what we HAD. My name is Brandon, I’m an Independent Living Skills Specialist working with Autistic Adults at a development center in Los Angeles Area.  Dr. G’s statement also works whenRead more

Elephant in Living Room

Autistic as in Aspergers or momma’s boy… more later… The ‘barron’ … Share This:Read more

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