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Finding Nemo, then Finding Dory, now Finding AB

This is Kojo, Certified Anger Management Counselor at Beverly Hills Counseling Disney helped find Nemo a few years ago, now they are finding Dory, and for 29 years I’ve been finding AB. Funny my counselor, confidant and best bud, Kojo patiently helps me find me on the Journey we call Life. I like to sitRead more

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Narcissistic Poster Child Trump

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Narcissistic Trump  –  Is he a GOOD reason to think about using Birth Control? Wow, how can this happen??  Oh Mr. Bloomberg where are you when we need you? Trump is the perfect poster child for bullying. I am NOT writing this as a Democrat vs Republican. I am a registered INDEPENDENT, and have votedRead more

“Its YOU or ME, Adventures of Caretaking”

Hi, I’m Jessica, certified Ang. Mgt. Counselor at Beverly Hills Counseling, and Some days are like: “ONE of us is gonna die: Adventures in Caretaking P.S. it aint gonna be me”  (A love story of me and my grammy). 4 May: HAVING A ROUGH NIGHT AND WANT TO SHARE SOME THOUGHTS… venting mightRead more

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