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Wit and Wisdom of Marisol Barrios

Hi, I’m Marisol. Certified Ang Mgt Counselor at Beverly Hills Counseling and I will be sharing topics and discussions. Let’s start with: “Life Changes – starting from Ground Zero – no job, re-entering the single life, what to do after getting your degree from a Weekend College Program” Let me tell you…. 9 April:Read more

Caring for the Caretaker

This will be my “Vent and Debrief” blog.  Caretakers take care but also need to be taken care of, and that has to start with Self Care.   Christy K., Beverly Hills Counseling & Certified Counselor   9 April:   Asking for help is one of the hardest thing to do when you are aRead more

Book of Mormon

Sunday / Easter, A Perfect Day to see the play BOOK OF MORMON? or not? Wow… AND YES BOOK OF MORMON is awesome, their writing was amazing and touched HOME for me on many things, got me very emotional. I’ve had lots of contact with Mormons but the play also hit on the Mormon/Africa/AIDS stuffRead more

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