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DDT in Politics

DDT in POLITICS Most folks today have never heard of DDT unless they are OLDER, or environmentalists. BUT  it was a pesticide that worked great on insects and pests, but ended up causing big issues for humans. So, “Just sayin” for now we are having an issue where something is working for ONE group, theRead more

Super Ego vs Healthy Ego

Remember,  NARCISSISTS are really very insecure, and they have a SUPER EGO, not a healthy EGO… Super as in ‘look at the car I drive, or how much money I have,” versus healthy ego, “when you get to know me you might like me, if not there are others who will”. They have to remind you overRead more

DTs from DT?

DTs from DT!!! Delirium tremens (DTs) normally are the shakes and tremors seen in the withdrawal from alcohol, and there is an onset of confusion. Divide and conquer, or Diversion… not sure the tactic, but it is working. Focus on lots of stuff, use media for diversion, then attack from within. A Point of ArgumentRead more


GEN ME   COMPLACENCY sucketh thus the GEN ME has to become the GEN WTF! if they are to survive and be productive….  AND maybe make America chill again!  just sayin!  dr. g.     GEN   Share This:Read more

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